who we are

After living in California for all of our lives, we moved to New Orleans in 2010 so that Jon could start his PhD program at Tulane University. Jon studied the history of the British Empire so we had the chance to spend ten months traveling around the world in the quest for research. Fortunately, that also meant a quest for craft beer and cider drinking all over the world! From England to France and New Zealand to Australia, we found that cider elsewhere is typically dry, not sweet, and we instantly became fans.

We met so many people around the world that wanted to make amazing cider and beer and bring their passion to others. In Australia, Diana asked one owner why she started her business. She shrugged and said, “I enjoy beer and decided to make my own job.” So, we asked ourselves what we love to do in life. We love drinking cider and beer in bars and taprooms and talking about craft beverages with everyone. This is why we created Broad Street Cider & Ale.